Foundation for Soldiers
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Real Soldiers, Real Families, Real Help!

A company created specifically to help soldiers with mortgage problems, and credit debt.

Ø A self sustaining program that creates jobs, financial assistance, sober living programs and much more.

Ø Motivational speakers, other amputees, and soldiers with PTSD.

Ø Weekend surf, kneeboard, belly board, and ski trips with amputee instructors. Radio control airplane, helicopter, boat and car shows.

Ø Help stop the SUICIDES and HOMELESSNESS.............

Ø Be part of the SOLUTION PLEASE.

Ø Support our TROOPS and their families at home, and make their acclimation at home easier by easing their financial burdens.

Ø Please buy and wear TROOPS USA proudly. Be part of our TEAM TROOPS USA.

Ø Help right this wrong... Soldiers are coming home to unemployment and debt. They deserve discreet personal help now, period.

Ø Compound that with other domestic frustration and it's not hard to understand the heartbreaking truth of 3 SUICIDES a DAY on average. Not including the ones taking their lives every day in the war itself.

Ø If only one soldiers house or life  is saved, this program and company has worked. I'm very happy and proud to say that has already been achieved. We've only just began.

Ø Please step up and show personal gratitude for their bravery and sacrifice and get a special shirt of your choice.

Ø It took hundreds of hours to create this huge collection of beautiful color combo's and designs so everyone could find something they like.

Ø I hope you do to.

Thank You


P.S.   New postings of thanks will be posted every month. Please stay tuned for our next event, coming soon. All your purchases are needed to  help these events be possible. Thank You again...


                     Become a TROOPS girl like us and be proud to show your support for our soldiers and their families.



                                                 Thanks TROOPS USA for helping us with our house and making our lives better in a very tough time.  Thank You

                                                  When I was approached about TROOPS USA,  I didn't have to be asked twice. It's a win win. I get to help other amputee's and TROOPS helps their families.                                                                                                                                                                                                         I'm proud to be part of the  TROOPS USA  motivational amputee TEAM.  When I was asked to come aboard the  TROOPS TEAM,  I didn't think twice about it.  I get to help the soldiers that fought for me and better myself at the sametime. What's better then that.

                                                            It's a great concept and a great cause. I dig the shirts. Step up and help us help other soldiers and their families. WEAR  TROOPS USA period.


When I saw I had a chance to serve for the soldiers that served for me, it was just a matter of when, where, and how. I wear TROOPS now and YOU should too.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          REAL SOLDIERS-REAL FAMILIES-REAL HELP. Show your Heart and Be Part of The TROOPS TEAM!